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Yelp Reservations

Yelp Reservations is our easy and affordable online reservations system – sign your business up today!
It comes with all the tools (including an iPad) that you need to manage your business: set up floor plans, take reservations, seat guests, use the waitlist, and more. Browse the topics below for support, or if you're currently using Yelp Reservations, you can call the General Support Line at (844) 889-9066.

Setting Up Yelp Reservations

Get started with Yelp Reservations – set up floor plans and rooms, create sheets for the different shifts throughout the week, schedule the sheets for your staff, and then get the reservation widget enabled on your websites.

Yelp Reservations Tech Support & Metrics

Learn how to troubleshoot any technical issues you may be having on the Yelp Reservations website or app, and take advantage of the various metrics and reports you can run on your business.

Yelp Reservations COVID-19 Resources

Learn how to adapt your Reservation system to fit the needs of your restaurant and regional guidelines during the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, as well as discover resources for diner safety features including creating contactless menus.