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Yelp Waitlist

Yelp Waitlist is our easy and affordable online waitlist system – sign your business up today! It comes with all the tools (including an iPad) that you need to manage your business. Guests join your waitlist with one click, see how long the wait is and get a text when their table is almost ready.

Getting Started with Yelp Waitlist

Learn more about setting up and updating your current Yelp Waitlist account. More general information about Yelp Waitlist can be found at https://restaurants.yelp.com/.

Yelp Waitlist Troubleshooting Tips

Learn more about what you can do when you’re having syncing or WiFi connection issues on the iPad, forgot your password or want to reach out to Yelp Waitlist Support for help.

Yelp Waitlist COVID-19 Resources

Learn how to adapt your Yelp Waitlist system to fit the needs of your restaurant and regional guidelines during the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, as well as discover resources for diner safety features including creating contactless menus.