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Yelp voor Zakelijke Accounts

Je bedrijfspagina claimen

Je bedrijf staat op Yelp, wat nu? Claim je bedrijfspagina en ontdek onze gratis hulpmiddelen die bedrijfseigenaars helpen het beste uit Yelp te halen.


Je wachtwoord vergeten? Je e-mailadres bewerken of meldingen instellen? Hier kan je alles vinden over hoe jij je account actueel kunt houden.

Je bedrijfspagina bewerken

Beheer je informatie over je bedrijf op Yelp; beheer foto's en telefoonnummers, reageer op reviews of beveel andere bedrijven aan.

Managing Your Business with Yelp

Leer alles over Yelp's hulpmiddelen die je erbij kunnen helpen je Yelp bedrijfspagina te beheren.

Responding to Reviews

Wil je antwoorden op reviews voor je bedrijf? Leer hier alles over hoe je het beste kunt reageren in een privé bericht of openbare reactie.

Yelp Ads

Leer alles over Yelp advertenties en hoe jij je advertentie campagne kunt bewerken of annuleren.

Billing & Payments

Leer alles over de verschillende manieren van betalingen voor Yelp advertenties en hoe jij je betalingsinformatie kunt bewerken.

Measuring Activity & Performance

Leer alles over de verschillende statistieken in je Zakelijk Account en hoe je deze informatie kunt gebruiken om de impact van je advertentie campagne te meten.

Call to Action

Leer alles over de Call to Action knop en hoe je die kunt instellen.

Yelp Deals en cadeaubonnen

Alles wat je moet weten over Yelp Deals en Cadeaubonnen: hoe je ze kunt aanmaken, beperkingen kunt instellen, certificaten kunt verzilveren wanneer klanten langskomen en natuurijk hoe je betaald kunt worden.

Setting Up Yelp Reservations

Get started with Yelp Reservations – set up floor plans and rooms, create sheets for the different shifts throughout the week, schedule the sheets for your staff, and then get the reservation widget enabled on your websites.

Yelp Reservations Tech Support & Metrics

Learn how to troubleshoot any technical issues you may be having on the Yelp Reservations website or app, and take advantage of the various metrics and reports you can run on your business.

Yelp Reservations Account Settings

Handle the administrative details of Yelp Reservations – set notifications for your guests and your staff, edit or add billing information, and set up additional Yelp Reservation user logins.

Reservations & Front-of-House Management

Take reservations, seat walk-ins, use the waitlist, and generally improve the flow of your business with all the other features that Yelp Reservations offers – save guest info, add notes, update table statuses or add timers, specify combined or blocked tables, and more.

Yelp Reservations COVID-19 Resources

Learn how to adapt your Reservation system to fit the needs of your restaurant and regional guidelines during the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, as well as discover resources for diner safety features including creating contactless menus.

Getting Started with Yelp Guest Manager

Learn more about setting up and updating your current Yelp Guest Manager account. More general information about Yelp Guest Manager can be found at https://restaurants.yelp.com/.

Yelp Guest Manager Troubleshooting Tips

Learn more about what you can do when you’re having syncing or WiFi connection issues on the iPad, forgot your password or want to reach out to Yelp Guest Manager Support for help.

Yelp Guest Manager COVID-19 Resources

Learn how to adapt your Yelp Guest Manager system to fit the needs of your restaurant and regional guidelines during the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, as well as discover resources for diner safety features including creating contactless menus.

Yelp Guest Manager Status

Check the current status of the Guest Manager App here – Guest Manager Systems Status

Configuring Hardware for Yelp WiFi

Learn what hardware can be used in conjunction with the Yelp WiFi platform as well as how to configure the supported hardware.

Using Yelp WiFi

Activate your account, create your location(s), build your splash page, configure your campaigns, and more. Everything you need to know about Yelp WiFi and how to optimize your experience with the platform.

Yelp WiFi FAQ

Discover answers to common inquires about the Yelp WiFi platform, Yelp WiFi hardware, and implementing Yelp WiFi into your current network.

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