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Can Elite Yelpers change their user name?

Please note that we currently offer support from Community Managers for US and Canada only.

Elite Yelpers are always expected to use their real names on Yelp. If you are Elite and change your name, please update your Yelp profile name in your Account Settings.

When you change the name on your account, your Elite badge will be temporarily removed pending evaluation by the Yelp Elite Squad Council. Name changes are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Straightforward updates that do not fundamentally change your identity are fine (such as updating your last name when you get married or your first name when you grow out of a childhood nickname). Changes that appear to confuse or hide your identity will result in the loss of your Elite status.

If you have a unique situation or any concerns about changing the name on your account, please reach out to your Community Manager or let the Elite Squad Council know before you submit the change.