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Do businesses that advertise on Yelp get special treatment by the recommendation software?

No. Our recommendation software treats advertisers and non-advertisers exactly the same. You'll find plenty of Yelp advertisers with negative reviews, and plenty of non-advertisers with five-star ratings across the board. Furthermore, there is zero relationship between the timing of when a review gets recommended and when a business decides to--or declines to--advertise. Reviews can be recommended or not recommended days, weeks, or even months after they were first posted, and a Yelp sales representative doesn't have any influence over when that might happen.

In short, there is no relationship between reviews and anything having to do with Yelp Ads or the Yelp Ads sales process. For more information, check out our Advertiser FAQ or read about the false extortion meme.

For a detailed explanation of our recommendation software, take a minute to watch our video on the subject:

We hope to continually improve the recommendation software, and appreciate any feedback you may have.