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How can I access my Yelp business account data?

You can access personal data associated with your Yelp business account by logging into your business account, or by using Yelp’s data download tool. Users of other Yelp accounts can follow these steps to access and download their data.

The data download tool is designed to provide a copy of certain types of your data that is required to be provided to EU users under EU law.  The tool does not include every type of data, and does not include data types that are not associated with EU business users.  

You can request a copy of your Yelp business account data through the data download tool as described below:

Desktop: Go to Account Information in your Account Settings and click on the link to Download a copy of your Yelp business account data link under ‘Additional Options’. You may be required to re-enter your password for security reasons.

Mobile: Go to m.biz.yelp.ie on your mobile browser and tap on “Request Desktop Site” from the share button (iPhone) or the overflow button (Android). Next, go to “Account Information’ in your Account Settings and tap on the link to Download a copy of your Yelp business account data under "Additional Options". You may be required to re-enter your password for security reasons.

After you make a request, you will receive an email containing a link to initiate the data download, which will be sent to the primary email address associated with your account. It may take a few days after you make your request for Yelp to send you the email containing the download link. In an effort to protect the data’s security, the link will expire after four days.  If the link to access your data expires before you’ve downloaded your data, you will need to make a new request through the data download tool.

You can also access some of this same business account data by going to your Account Information page. There, you can see your registration information, messages, and other account information that you have provided. 

NOTE: Your Yelp business data may contain personal information - please make sure that you keep it secure and be mindful of where and how you share that information with others.

What data will be included in the download

If you are a business account user, the data download tool will only include your personal data, such as registration information and login sessions. It will not include business information. 

Troubleshooting suggestions for data download tool

If you don’t receive an email confirmation or the email with the link, you may want to try some of our email troubleshooting suggestions. Please note that you must be logged in to access the tool. If you are still unable to download your data, please contact our Support team.  


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