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How can I get a Verified License badge for my business page?

Verified License is a paid advertiser feature available to businesses in certain categories and regions. If the feature is available for your business, you can choose it as a business upgrade when signing up for Yelp Advertising on Yelp for Business. If you’ve already signed up for advertising, you can select License Verification from the sidebar menu after logging into your Business Account.

How will Yelp verify my trade license?

When you sign up for Verified License, you can provide us with information (including license number and issuing authority) about your license to help expedite the verification process. If you do so, our moderators will reference that information against the issuing authority’s information to confirm that the license is valid, corresponds to your business, and is in good standing. If you didn’t provide your license info when signing up for Verified License, our moderators will check the one or more of several trade license databases that correspond to your business’s trade, and will add the license data ourselves. Submitting information about your license helps us quickly and effectively verify your business’s license. You must immediately notify us if we have posted an incorrect license.

What type of license is Yelp verifying?

Only trade licenses qualify for Verified License ad product. Business licenses, tax documents, and other non-trade licenses won’t work.

How much time will this take?

From the time you sign up for the program, it may take up to five business days for our moderators to verify your business license. Any information about your license that you submit when you sign up will help us expedite the process.

Why was my license rejected?

There are several reasons our moderators may have been unable to verify your business’s license data. Note that even if we’re unable to verify your license, you’re welcome to re-request verification or re-submit information at any time. Reasons why might have been unable to verify your business’s license data include:
  • We couldn’t find a license: If we aren’t able to find a license that matches your business in one of the trade license databases that we check, we won’t be able to add it to your account.
  • The license we found doesn’t match the information on Yelp: This could happen if your business’s information on Yelp differs from what’s shown on your license, or if you’re using a DBA.
  • The license you provided didn’t meet our criteria for Verified License: To qualify for this program, we’ll need to verify your trade license with a valid issuing authority. Business licenses, tax documents, and other non-trade licenses won’t work.
  • The license we found is expired, revoked, or otherwise invalid

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