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How can I post or remove a Check-In Offer for my business?

Please note that Check-In Offers are not available to all business categories, and can't be created or changed from the mobile app – you'll need to use the full website at biz.yelp.com.

Check-in Offers reward customers with a special offer when they “check-in” to your business on Yelp. By checking in, they broadcast to their friends on Yelp that they’re at your business, so the offer can encourage new visitors and reward loyal customers. You can also measure the results of these offers in Yelp for Business owners – to learn more, watch our video.

To create, edit, or remove a Check-In Offer

  1. Log in to biz.yelp.com and select the correct location if you have access to more than one
  2. Click Check-In Offers in the sidebar (you won't see this option if your category isn't eligible for a Check-in Offer)
  3. Click the Create a Check-In Offer button, or the Edit or Remove link next to the existing one
  4. Create, edit, or remove the offer and finish as prompted

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