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How can I tell if a voucher for a Yelp Deal has already been used?

Please note that we currently offer Yelp Deals and Gift Certificates for US and Canada only.

You should always verify with the business directly if you have any questions about redeeming a Yelp Deals voucher or Gift Certificate. You can also mark a voucher as redeemed on your own, and businesses can also do so themselves. However, some businesses may not mark a Yelp Deals voucher or Gift Certificate redeemed immediately, or they may track redemptions in another way (for instance, if a voucher is only partially redeemed). If you need to review your purchases and see which are still available, see below.

Yelper Instructions for:

On Yelp.com 

Go to the Order History section of your account. There will be a list of your Yelp Deals vouchers or Gift Certificates – those that have already been redeemed will say "Used on (Date)" to the right of the description, and those that have not been used will have a "Print" button.

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On an iPhone

  1. ​Tap More
  2. Scroll down and tap Deals & Offers
  3. Tap My Deals
  4. Tap See Used Deals & Offers

On an Android

  1. Tap the Me button
  2. Scroll down and tap My Deals & Offers
  3. Tap See Used Deals & Offers