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How can I track what traffic comes to my website from clicks on my Yelp Ads?

Link tracking is a feature available to Yelp advertisers with 10 or more locations. By adding link tracking, you can gain insight into which website link and Call-to-Action clicks bring traffic to your website from your Yelp Ads campaigns. Additionally, you can attribute actions taken on your own website — such as purchases, sign-ups, and more — to traffic from your Yelp Ads campaigns.

You can either define tracking URLs, which will replace the URLs on your Yelp business pages, or tracking parameters which will be attached to the existing URLs. Link tracking is set-up per campaign — you can use the same or different parameters for each campaign you have. Website clicks and Call-to-Action clicks can also be tracked separately by defining different parameters, if preferred.

Setting up link tracking

  1. Go to the Link Tracking page of the Yelp Ads section of your Business Account  
  2. Find the campaign you want to track and click Edit 
current campaigns
  1. Set your tracking parameters or tracking URL for website and Call-to-Action links 
    • Note: We highly recommend that you test if the parameters are being attached to your URL as expected. To perform this test, click on Test next to the input field. 
  2.  Save your tracking parameters or tracking URL by clicking on Save
You can edit your link tracking settings for all active campaigns at any time. After a campaign becomes inactive, you can’t edit its link tracking settings anymore. 

For more information and how to troubleshoot URL issues, read about how Yelp Ad URL tracking works