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How can I update my Yelp business page if my business is affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

You can easily update your business information on Yelp to inform your customers about any changes to your business’s services and operations during COVID-19.

To expedite the display of updates on your page, claim your business on the Yelp for Business app (on iPhone/iPad or Android) or the Yelp for Business site (desktop or mobile browser) before submitting any changes to your business information. Yelp’s claim your business feature is free and allows updates to take effect immediately as they come directly from the business itself.

Find a list of helpful resources on Yelp below:
Update your hours of operation or mark your business page as temporarily closed by going to the the Biz Info / Business Information section on the Yelp for Business app or on biz.yelp.com
If your business offers delivery or take-out options during COVID-19, you can add attributes for "Delivery", “Contactless Delivery”, "Take-out" and “Curbside Pick-up” in the Business Information section of Yelp for Business.
Depending on your business category, virtual service offerings (like virtual classes or virtual consultations) may be available in the Categories & Services section of Yelp for Business.
Add custom text about any temporary offerings your business might have during COVID-19, e.g. virtual offerings, online retail sales or delivery/take-out options.
Yelp Connect is a quick and easy way to share updates with customers on Yelp and eligible businesses may qualify to receive Yelp Connect free of charge through April 30, 2020; see our relief announcement for more information.
Learn more about our relief efforts for eligible restaurants and nightlife businesses and other businesses that advertise on Yelp.

Find more resources, help and tips on how to manage your business on Yelp during COVID-19 including new page features to communicate business changes during COVID-19 and a Coronavirus (COVID-19) resource hub for businesses on the Official Yelp Blog.