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How can I use Yelp Guest Manager for contact tracing requirements?

As a result of COVID-19, some local health authorities are requiring businesses to collect customer contact information to satisfy contact tracing requirements. Contact tracing is a process of identifying people who may have come into contact with an infected person. If you are required to collect this information, you can use the notes field to add in names and contact information of all customers in each party, which will be securely stored in our database. You should verbally ask each customer’s consent before taking down their information.

To request a list of the data in .csv file format, contact us at (877) 571-YELP or restaurantsupport@yelp.com.  

To add/edit a note on iPad 

  1. Open the Yelp Guest Manager app on the iPad.
  2. Tap Add Party to create a new party to the waitlist or Edit an existing party in the current queue. 
  3. Add in the relevant details of the party such as their names and phone numbers within the notes section.
  4. Tap Add for new waitlists or Save for existing waitlists.