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How can I use Yelp Waitlist to get in line remotely?

Yelp Waitlist allows you to view a restaurant’s live wait time and join the waitlist remotely via the Yelp app or on Yelp.com before arriving at the restaurant. If you’re using the Yelp app, you can also plan ahead by viewing the average wait time for the different days of the week. Once you’re confirmed on the Waitlist, you’ll receive a confirmation text to your mobile number with a link that will redirect you to the Yelp app. In the app, you’ll be able to see the time you should check in by, view your place in line, share your place in line or leave the waitlist. You’ll receive a text message as soon as your table is ready.
How to join a restaurant’s waitlist via Yelp Waitlist:

If you're using an iPhone/Android

  1. Search for the type of restaurant you want to visit or food you want to eat. At the top of your search results, scroll through the filters and tap Waitlist. You may also tap the Filters icon in the search bar for the Waitlist filter and additional filters (e.g. Open Now).
  2. Tap Join Waitlist directly from your search results or open the restaurant’s Yelp page and tap Join the Waitlist Now
  3. Fill in your contact information and party size and tap Confirm
You can also view restaurants near you that offer waitlist options now by tapping the Search icon in the lower left corner then the Waitlist icon.

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On Yelp.com 

  1. Search for the type of restaurant you want to visit or food you want to eat. 
  2. Find and click the Waitlist filter button from the suggested filtering options above your results to find restaurants in your area that offer Yelp Waitlist.
  3. You can Join the Waitlist directly from your search results or on the restaurant’s Yelp page.
  4. Verify if your information is correct and tap Confirm

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