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How do I add "From the Business" information to my business page?

If you’ve claimed your business page, you can include more information in the "From the Business" section - Specialties, History, Meet the Owner/Manager, and Recommendations. For example, you can include details about what makes your business unique, but also include temporary offerings, like takeout, delivery, virtual meet-ups or online retail sales.

However, if you have nine or more locations, Specialties and History are now paid products. If you're interested, please visit yelp.com/advertising. For more tips on how to create a great business page, you can also watch our video.

Business owner instructions for:

Updates from Yelp for Business will appear on your page immediately, but they’re submitted to our moderators for review against our guidelines. As such, the changes could be subsequently rejected.

From the Yelp for Business website (biz.yelp.com)

  1. Go to the Business Information section
  2. Click Add (or Edit if you have existing content here) 
  3. Click Save Changes

From the Yelp for Business app

Note: Business Recommendations can only be updated from biz.yelp.com

  1. Tap Biz Info in the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Tap either SpecialtiesHistory or Meet the Business Owner/Manager and enter the information
  3. Tap Save

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