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How do I add a sheet to the schedule in Yelp Reservations?

Please note that you can't schedule sheets with the iPad app – these can only be created on the full site at www.yelpreservations.com.

Adding a sheet to the schedule will ensure guests have the ability to make reservations online through your Yelp page. If you want to add a sheet to the schedule, please make sure to create a sheet first.

To add a sheet to the schedule

  1. Login to your Yelp Reservations account.
  2. Select the Configure tab in the left sidebar and click the Schedule tab at the top
  3. Select the date you want to schedule on the Calendar
  4. Click Attached Sheet (or Edit/Swap/Remove) for the Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, or Dinner slot
YR - attached sheet
  1. Choose whether the sheet you're adding is being used once on this specific day, or if it should repeat on this day of the week every following week
YR Attached sheet by day
  1. Click Attach Schedule after selecting the appropriate sheet
  2. Repeat as needed for each date or day of the week