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How do I add that my business is Asian-owned, Black-owned, Latinx-owned, LGBTQ-owned, veteran-owned, women-owned or Open to All?

Business owners can select attributes such as Asian-ownedBlack-owned, Latinx-owned, LGBTQ-owned, veteran-ownedWomen-owned or Open to All (along with other factual and subjective attributes) to be displayed on their business page. Users can also find these businesses when searching by these attributes. If the business doesn’t select “Yes” or “No” and leaves the attribute blank, it won’t appear on the business page.

These business attributes are opt-in only and can only be added by the business from their Yelp for business account.

Business owner instructions for:  

From the Yelp for business website (biz.yelp.com)

  1. Go to the Business Information section
  2. Click Add (or Edit if you have existing content here) next to Amenities and more
  3. Click Yes next to the attribute you’d like to turn on
  4. Click Save Changes

From the Yelp for business app

  1. Tap Biz Info in the bottom navigation bar
  2. Tap the pencil icon next to Amenities
  3. Tap Yes next to the attribute you’d like to turn on
  4. Tap Save

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