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How do I change the name on my Yelp Business Account?

Please note that name changes will appear live immediately, but they're submitted to our moderators for review against our guidelines – as such, they could be subsequently rejected. If rejected, you'll be prompted to re-verify your original name before you can respond to reviews and submit another name change within our guidelines.

Accepted names: The first and last name of an individual. We also allow a first name and a last initial.
Rejected names: The company name, a generic name, a fake name or a title/position.

To change or add your name from biz.yelp.com

  1. Go to the Account Settings section of your account 
  2. Click Edit next to Business Account Information
  3. Make the appropriate changes
  4. Click Save

From the Yelp for Business app

  1. Tap More (iPhone) or open the Sidebar Menu (Android)
  2. Tap Account Information 
  3. Tap the name field to edit your name
  4. Tap Save

Please note that this will update the name that appears when you respond to reviews or message customers, and not the name of your business page.

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