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How do I check if my Yelp Deals voucher has been used?

You should always verify with the business directly if you have any questions about redeeming a Yelp Deals voucher or Gift Certificate. You can also mark a voucher as redeemed on your own, and businesses can also do so themselves. However, some businesses may not mark a Yelp Deals voucher or Gift Certificate redeemed immediately, or they may track redemptions in another way (for instance, if a voucher is only partially redeemed). If you need to review your purchases and see which are still available, see below.

Yelper Instructions for:

On Yelp.com 

Go to the Order History section of your account. There will be a list of your Yelp Deals vouchers or Gift Certificates – those that have already been redeemed will say "Used on (Date)" to the right of the description, and those that have not been used will have a "Print" button.

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On an iPhone

  1. ​Tap More
  2. Scroll down and tap Deals & Offers
  3. Tap My Deals
  4. Tap See Used Deals & Offers

On an Android

  1. Tap the Me button
  2. Scroll down and tap My Deals & Offers
  3. Tap See Used Deals & Offers