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How do I configure the notifications from Yelp Reservations?

All notifications can be found by logging in and going to the Configure tab in the sidebar and then clicking the Notifications tab at the top. You can then toggle each notification ON/OFF, and edit the message in others as-needed. Please note that you can't do this from the iPad app.

Guest Notifications

  • Confirmation email: sends guests an email when the reservation is created. You can also edit the Reservation Confirmation Notes included in the email.
  • Email reminder: sends guests an email prior to the reservation. The default is 6 hours, but we recommend a full 24 hours.
  • SMS reminder: sends guests a text message one hour before the reservation asking them to confirm by responding

Restaurant Notifications

  • Daily cover count email: sends all admin users a daily analytics email with cover statistics
  • Created/Edited/Cancelled: sends notifications for different reservation actions
  • Set the email address you want notifications sent to

SMS Communication Settings

  • Allows staff to send custom text messages to guests. When disabled, only preset messages can be sent.