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How do I connect my Restaurant Loyalty Accounts to Yelp Waitlist?

How it works

In order to receive credit for restaurant visits through Yelp Waitlist, members of applicable restaurant loyalty programs listed below can link their loyalty accounts to Yelp. An active loyalty program account with a participating restaurant is needed in order to link your accounts. Yelp uses your phone number to link your loyalty accounts to your Yelp account. This means that once a restaurant loyalty program is linked, each time you join the specific restaurant’s Yelp Waitlist using the associated phone number, Yelp will share your visit information with the restaurant’s loyalty program so you can earn credit for your visit. You must link each loyalty program separately, as linking one does not mean any other participating restaurant loyalty programs will automatically be linked. 

By linking your restaurant loyalty account, you direct Yelp to share with the restaurant loyalty program information about you and your visits, including your phone number. You can also choose to share your email with the restaurant for marketing purposes. Yelp does not manage the restaurants’ loyalty programs, so please review any applicable terms for the restaurant’s loyalty program.

If you have questions about using your earned loyalty credits, please direct them to the restaurant.

Applicable restaurants (more restaurants coming soon)

How to enroll/unenroll

To enroll: 
  1. Find an applicable restaurant and join the restaurant’s Yelp Waitlist with the phone number associated with your restaurant loyalty account and view your place in line on the Yelp app or mobile site 
  2. On the “Place in line” screen below your waitlist details, tap Link my account and accept the terms and conditions 

To unenroll:
If you are on the waitlist at an applicable restaurant, you can unenroll your loyalty account from Yelp on the “place in line” screen by tapping or clicking “Unlink”. 

If you are not currently on the waitlist, please contact our Support team with your unenroll request. In your message please include a statement which says you would like to unenroll your restaurant loyalty program from Yelp along with the phone number used for the account.

You can also unenroll by deactivating your restaurant loyalty account. Please contact the applicable restaurant for information on how to deactivate your loyalty account with them.