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How do I create a new sheet in Yelp Reservations?

Please note that you can't create sheets with the iPad app – these can only be created on the full site at https://restaurants.yelp.com/.

Creating sheets is key to setting up Yelp Reservations and managing your business with it. Sheets determine which tables/rooms will be available for a particular shift, and you have to schedule them in order for your business to take any reservations. Existing sheets can also be edited.

To create a sheet

  1. Login to your Yelp Reservations account
  2. Click Configure on the left sidebar and then click on Sheets tab
  3. Click Create New Sheet on the top right, name it and select the shift
  4. Select the First seating time and the Last seating time
  5. Click on Assign Room for whichever floor chart you will be using. You may assign more than one room per sheet
  6. Select tables by checking the box next to the table names and click Edit Times to set online, in house, or disable table availability times. Note: If you have more than one room assigned to your sheet, you will need to repeat this step in the other floor chart
edit times
  1. Once you have made your customizations from the Table Availability screen, click Done then click Save on the upper right hand side. Next you will need to add the newly created sheet to the schedule.

Please note diners do not see the shift they are creating their online reservation for. Shifts are for front of house use only and you have the option to schedule a single sheet for all day. You aren't required to have multiple sheets unless you prefer to do so.