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How do I create custom tags for guests or reservations?

Tags can be added to any reservation you create or guest you save in the guest book. A custom reservation tag, for example, could be "Birthday," and a custom tag for a guest could be "Celebrity." When you're saving a guest in the guest book, there are also pre-made tags to choose from under Special Status Tags, Allergies, and Dietary Restrictions.

While tags can be added to any reservation or guest from the web or iPad app, to create the custom tags you'll need to be on the website – you can't create new custom tags from the iPad app.

To create custom tags

  1. Log in and choose your location from the Yelp Reservations dashboard
  2. Go to the Configure tab in the sidebar
  3. Click Custom Tags at the top
  4. Enter any guest or reservation tags you want available and click Add New Tag
Tags are not shown to guests, they’re private (for the business’s reference).