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How do I create/edit a room in Yelp Reservations?

Please note that you can't create rooms with the iPad app – these can only be created on the full site at https://restaurants.yelp.com/?.

Yelp Reservations provides you with the ability to create rooms to manage your reservations capacity most effectively. 

To create/edit a room

  1. Login to your account
  2. Select the Configure tab in the left sidebar
  3. Click Sheets at the top then Edit Sheet on the right
  4. Under the Floor Plan section, you will see your current rooms listed. To remove a room, click Remove Room on the right sidebar
  5. To add a new room click Add Room on the right sidebar. All of your active and inactive rooms will be shown. Add the rooms you wish to start using by clicking Assign Room
  6. Once the rooms have been added, the table availability will all be set to “In House Only”.  Click the check box to the left of Table Name to select tables.
  7. Click Edit Times and choose the times you want your tables to be placed online. If you want them online for the entire duration of your sheet, select Set All To: Online and then click Done. Select the times you wish to have online and then leave the other time slots as 'In House Only'. Repeat this step for each room in your sheet.
  8. Once you have added and/or removed the rooms and set your table availability, remember to click Save in the top right corner of the sheet.