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How do I customize my Yelp advertising program?

We have two new features to give businesses more control over their ad campaigns that are delivered on Yelp’s web and mobile platforms:
  1. Distance Targeting: choose where to show your ads relative to your business’s location
  2. Custom Ad Text: write custom messaging for use in your business’s ad
Some businesses serve very large areas and want to cast a wide net while others want to focus on customers very close to their business’s location. The Distance Targeting feature lets businesses determine how far away from their business they want to show their ad.
distance targeting
We’ve seen that businesses also love the ability to pick a photo or review to feature in their ad. With Custom Ad Text, you have the option to write your own message. This means that you can promote your business’s specific products or promote a consistent message across different marketing channels.
custom ad

Business owners with a single location or a small number of businesses can start using Custom Ads with just a few easy steps:
  1. Claim your business and start a Yelp Ads campaign at biz.yelp.com
  2. Click the Customize Ad button on the desktop version of the Yelp Ads dashboard
  3. Pick a review and photo yourself, or let Yelp’s machine learning process pick for you
  4. Set a distance and/or write custom text for your ad