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How do I edit seating capacity in Yelp Guest Manager?

Yelp Guest Manager enables you to set a reduced seating capacity and receive a notification when you’ve reached that limit for your restaurant. 

To limit your seating capacity on the app

  1. Tap open the Yelp Guest Manager app on your iPad
  2. Tap the Settings gear icon in the bottom left corner and tap Adjust Seating Capacity
  3. Enter the Maximum Seating Capacity that your restaurant can seat when running at full capacity
  4. Toggle on Reduced Seating Capacity and enter the maximum number of guests that your restaurant can seat while following reduced capacity settings
  5. Toggle on Show Warning to receive a notification when you are approaching or exceeding your reduced seating capacity
  6. Tap Save
reduced seating capacity
When your reduced capacity has been reached you will receive a warning banner at the top of your waitlist. You will have complete control of how you would like to handle your waitlist from there.