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How do I get a "People Love Us on Yelp" window cling for my business?

Please note that Yelp stickers are only available for businesses located in the US and Canada.

The "People Love Us on Yelp" window clings are sent in an automated direct mail batch twice a year to businesses that qualify for this program. We don't issue (or re-issue) these window clings upon request, but if your business qualifies next time around you can be sure you'll be receiving one.

For more ways to engage customers with your Yelp page, you can request a "Find Us on Yelp" sticker, check out our digital toolkit, or visit yelp.biz.vistaprint.com to find customizable business cards, hours signage and other items to remind visitors that you’re on Yelp. 
Meanwhile, you can learn more about our guidelines for using Yelp's logos, reviews, and star ratings.