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How do I handle refund requests for my business's Yelp Deal?

We want Yelp Deals to be a great experience for all users. With that in mind, we will accept refund requests from dissatisfied users or users who change their minds and no longer want to use their Deals. If a customer is unable to redeem his or her Yelp Deal, please advise them to contact our Support team directly to cancel the voucher.

Before refunding a Yelp Deal, we'll check to see if the voucher in question was marked redeemed, and assume that vouchers that have not been marked redeemed have not been used. When a consumer presents a Yelp Deals voucher to you or your staff, it is important that you mark the voucher redeemed immediately; doing so both allows you to confirm the voucher's validity and informs us that the consumer has used the voucher.