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How do I measure the success of my Yelp advertising?

One way to measure the success of your ads is to log in to Yelp for Business and review the User Views and Customer Leads tabs. You can also view your User Views and Customer Leads on the Yelp for Business App. An increase in User Views or Customer Leads indicates increased exposure to Yelp users. Measuring success on Yelp is different than many other advertising programs. With other programs, you’re sometimes able to follow clicks through to a purchase, or there’s actual collateral (such as a coupon) for the customer to turn in.

With Yelp you should track all of your leads:

  • Mobile Check-Ins
  • Mobile Calls
  • User Uploaded Photos
  • Call to Action clicks
  • Directions & Map Views
  • Clicks to Your Website
  • Yelp Bookmarks
  • Yelp Deals Sold
  • Reservations made on Yelp
  • Messages from Users to your Business
Once a customer logs off, we can’t follow their actions. However, these leads are good indicators of potential customers, as we’re taking online traffic and driving them offline to your business.