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How do I post with Yelp Connect?

Posting with Yelp Connect is a quick process that requires only an image, a headline, and copy to fill the body of the post. You can also include a link. Yelp Connect posts can be one of three types:
  • Ongoing - Ongoing posts have no end date and will be live until you choose to take them down
  • Event - Event posts allow you to specify the date(s) that your event will take place. We will prioritize promotion of these posts prior to the event date and automatically remove them after the scheduled event ends.
  • Update - Update posts allow you to set an expiration date. We will prioritize promotion of these posts prior to the expiration date and automatically remove them after that date.

To create a post:

  1. Click on Yelp Connect on the left panel from biz.yelp.com or tap Yelp Connect from the Activity page on the Yelp for Business Owner app
  2. Click or tap Custom Post or one of the example posts
  3. Choose from Update, Event or Ongoing Post, then fill out the following:
  • Headline: Add a succinct headline that will encourage your customers to click on the post.
  • Image: The post image will be what the customer sees first, so pick an eye catching image that highlights what you want the customer to know. Make sure you use a landscape oriented, high definition picture for the best results.
  • Post Description: Once you have a headline and image selected, fill the body of the post with any additional information.
  • Links are optional. If you do not add one, users will be redirected to your Yelp page.
  1. If required, set an expiration date
  2. Click or tap Create Post
When finished, a completed post can look like this:

Example image of ongoing post.

For more information on the types of posts Yelp Connect allows you to add, you can visit the ideas and tips page or call our support team at 1-877-571-YELP if you need additional assistance.

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