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How do I re-open with Yelp Reservations after the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted?

As more local restaurants begin to reopen, follow this step-by-step checklist to reopen your reservations to guests.
  1. Attend a Training Webinar. If it’s been a while since you’ve used your Yelp Reservations system, it will be important to re-familiarize yourself and your staff with the basics via personalized training. If you're interested, please contact us at (877) 571-YELP or restaurantsupport@yelp.com to get one scheduled.
  2. Review the configuration of your Yelp Reservations system. We’ve also put together an additional guide for Yelp Reservations to help you configure your system to be compliant with local and state ordinances.
  3. Use our new QR code feature. Let customers view your menu digitally on their phones.
    1. To create a QR code to view your menu digitually:
      1. Visit your Yelp business page and copy everything after yelp.com/biz/ 
        For example, https://www.yelp.com/biz/dumpling-time-san-francisco, copy "dumpling-time-san-francisco". This is your ID.  
      2. Paste your ID into this URL where it says YOUR_ID_HERE: https://www.yelp.com/waitlists/YOUR_ID_HERE/contactless_menu. 
        For example, https://www.yelp.com/waitlists/dumpling-time-san-francisco/contactless_menu
      3. Use that URL and download the PDF of your customized QR code.
      4. Display the QR code and put it on the tables so customers can easily see it and scan it to view the menu on their phones.
      5. If you need to add or change your menu link, go to the Menu page or the Basic Information section of your Yelp for business account.
      6. If you have any issues, please contact our support team by phone at (877) 571-YELP or email (restaurantsupport@yelp.com).
  4. Add Yelp Waitlist to supplement your Yelp Reservations systemYelp Waitlist allows you to accept both online reservations and walk-in guests in a contact-free way, all through one platform. If you are interested in enabling this feature, please contact us at (877) 571-YELP or (restaurantsupport@yelp.com and we can do so for you.
  5. Edit your Yelp business page. You may be operating with new hours or open on new days of the week. Follow these instructions to make sure your Yelp page is up to date.
  6. Communicate with your diners. Use social media, your customer email list, or Yelp Connect to actively communicate with your diners any changes to your menu, policies, hours, etc.