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How do I remove a photo of my business?

As Yelp is a community site, we allow both users and business owners to submit photos - only the person who has uploaded the photo can remove it.
Instructions regarding:

To remove a photo that you've uploaded from your business account

  1. Go to the Photos section of your business account
  2. Hover over the photo and click Delete
If the photo does not have a Delete link but you are certain that it's yours, you may have uploaded it from your personal user account. You will need to log in to your user account to remove the photo, but keep in mind that we recommend you only use your business account for managing your business page.

If the photo has been uploaded by a Yelp user

Yelp's moderators will remove a user-submitted photo if it falls outside our Content Guidelines. If you feel that a photo of your business may violate these guidelines, please let our moderators know by removing it. Keep in mind that while reporting doesn't guarantee the photo's removal, it does ensure that our moderators will take a close look at the content.

If the user has also written a review of your business on Yelp, you can contact them directly through your business account. Yelpers are often very eager to share their reviews and photos of businesses, but they're also reasonable people who respond well to polite requests.

To remove a photo from the Yelp for Business app

1.  Photos you have uploaded yourself and are able to remove will have a blue dot - tap the photo you'd like to remove
User-added image
2.  Tap the trash can icon
User-added image
3. Tap Delete
User-added image

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