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How do I track which customers redeem vouchers for my Yelp Deal?

Please note that we currently offer Yelp Deals and Gift Certificates for US and Canada only.

Customers can redeem Yelp Deals by presenting them via Yelp's mobile app or providing you with a printout or email receipt. You'll need to verify and redeem any Deal at the time it is presented to you - this will ensure that the voucher is valid and lets Yelp know it has been used by your customer.

For customers using the Yelp app, the redemption process happens automatically. The customer can pull up the voucher on their account and show it to you on their phone. All you need to do is confirm the terms of the Deal and then tap the Mark as Redeemed button on the customer's phone.

If your customer presents an email receipt or printout, you can verify the Deal using its six character code.

To confirm and redeem a voucher via redemption code

  1. Log in to Yelp for Business
  2. Click Deals & Gift Certificates in the sidebar menu
  3. Click Purchases
  4. Type the redemption code into the Claim code field
  5. Click Redeem
Yelp Deals are designed to be discounted certificates with a fixed face value good for any products or services you may provide. These vouchers should be treated "as cash," and honored for their full promotional value and according to the terms listed on the voucher - you should not add additional restrictions at the time of purchase.