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How do I update the status of a reservation in Yelp Reservations?

You can update table statuses to help keep track of your guests, whether their reservation is a week from now or they're currently seated – there are over a dozen statuses to choose from.

To update the status of a reservation

Just pull up the reservation details – you can do this quickly from many areas of the website/app:​
  • If the reservation is currently on the floor view, click/tap the table from the Floor tab
  • Click/tap the reservation from the Reservations list (upcoming/seated/all) or Waitlist tabs at the top right of the Floor tab
  • Click/tap the reservation from the Book tab
  • Click/tap the reservation from the Grid tab
Once you've clicked/tapped the reservation from any of these areas, the details of the reservation pop up and you can click/tap the status field to choose from any of the following: Not Confirmed, Confirmed, Left Message, No Answer, Wrong Number, Partially Arrived, All Arrived, Paged, Late, Partially Seated, Guest Seated, Appetizer, Entree, Dessert, Table Cleared, Check Dropped, Check Paid, Finished, Customer Cancelled, Restaurant Cancelled, No Show.

Tapping the status from this list on the iPad will update it right away, but on the web version you'll have to click Save at the top. Please note that choosing Finished, No Show, Customer Cancelled, or Restaurant Cancelled will remove the reservation from the floor.