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How do I use the To-Go functionality in the Yelp Guest Manager App?

Yelp Guest Manager includes simple and straightforward features that let you add takeout orders, track them, and notify guests via text message when their food is ready for pick up.

To setup the To-Go feature

  1. Tap open the Yelp Guest Manager app on your iPad
  2. Tap on the To-Go tab and view all current takeout orders (parties will be listed in chronological order)
  3. Tap the Add Party button to create a new To-Go order
to go - add party
  1. Enter the To-Go order information
to go - order form
  1. Once the party is added to the To-Go tab, we provide a simplified view with all the information you need on one screen. See the screenshot below for reference:
to go - details
  1. To see the To-Go party history tap on the History tab. You may opt to restore a previously picked up party by tapping Restore Party
to go - restore party
  1. If a party sends you a message, you can respond via the message option in the To-Go party details
to go - message