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How do you choose businesses for the Local Yelp?

Creating the Local Yelp

Yelp's team of Community Managers follow trends in their cities to find Yelpers' favorite local businesses. The Local Yelp is a curated collection of highly-rated and well-loved spots that we know Yelpers frequent in cities across the world. Businesses cannot pay to be featured in this curated section of the Local Yelp, and they do not have to be advertising with Yelp.

How Can My Business, Product, Or Event Get Involved?

Every Wednesday, our digest of great local businesses goes out to millions of subscribers in over 150 cities worldwide. Our subscribers are socially active urbanites that typically live within 10 miles of major metros. They are equally split between men and women, and are an excellent audience to reach out to and promote your event, product, or brand.
Below the curated section, we showcase "This Week's Sponsor" - if you would like to be featured in the Local Yelp with this sponsored ad placement, please contact us or reach out to your city's Community Manager.

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