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How does the Yelp Cash Back program work?

Yelp Cash Back allows Yelpers to visit selected businesses and claim up to 15% cash back.

How it works

Yelpers only need to enroll once, and then every time you activate an offer and pay with one of your linked cards at a participating business, Cash Back is earned. You’ll receive an email/push notification confirming the transaction and amount earned unless you’ve opted out of these alerts. The program is free for Yelpers and your card is credited by the 18th of the following month (more payment details below).

Enroll now

Yelpers can go to our Cash Back Rewards page and link your credit cards or use ones you already have on file. You can also enroll by clicking or tapping the Claim Cash Back Here button that appears on the business page of participating businesses (learn how to find them below). Enrollment is completely free and secure, and takes less than a minute to complete.

If you get an error message when linking a card, check our troubleshooting tips

Find participating businesses

Select from thousands of restaurants and other businesses – you can find them by typing “Cash Back” in Yelp search, or by using the “Cash Back” search filter after performing a search. Please note that in order to receive a Cash Back reward for a purchase, you will need to activate that offer before your purchase is made -- simply click or tap the Claim Cash Back Here button to activate the offer. Cash Back rewards are calculated based on the subtotal of your purchase (e.g., before taxes or tips). Offers must also remain activated at the time you make your purchase, so check the participating businesses’ Yelp pages when you pay to ensure you are all set to get your Cash Back rewards.

Get paid every month

Pay at participating businesses with any of your linked cards, and once a month we will automatically credit your primary card (the first card you've linked) by the 18th of the following month. For example, a transaction completed in September will be credited by October 18th. We'll also send you a notification when your account is credited. You can view your linked credit cards by going to the Payment Information section of your Account Settings.

Change your card or cancel

Learn more about changing your card or cancelling.

If you have any questions regarding your Cash Back payments, please contact shop@yelp.com.