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How does the grid view of the schedule in Yelp Reservations work?

The grid helps plan your restaurant flow. It allows you to see your entire shift and better plan each turn on a simple and easy-to-read grid. You can even create or edit reservations from the grid view, update reservation statuses and plan future shifts.

To navigate the grid layout

  • Tables Bar: the column on the left that lists each table
  • Table Cells: includes each table's name and capacity in the Tables Bar
  • Timeline: the bar along the top displays segments of time in 15-minute increments
  • Current Time: the vertical red ticker line appears when the current time is in view
  • Shift Button: use the arrows or click/tap the date at the bottom to select a day/shift

To manage reservation conflicts

The grid view can help identify conflicts and optimize restaurant flow by pointing out completely overlapping reservations, partially overlapping reservations and exceeded durations.
  • Completely overlapping reservations: a yellow Reservations Overlapping card appears when reservations completely overlap. Click/tap to view each reservation and edit as needed.
  • Partially overlapping reservations: reservations scheduled to overlap will have overlapping yellow reservation cards on the grid. Click/tap to view each reservation and edit as needed.
  • Duration exceeded: if a party has exceeded their reservation duration and is conflicting with another reservation, a the overlap is shown in red.