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My business is currently operating but I need to cut back on marketing and/or advertising expenses, what are my options?

To adjust your ads budget, log in to biz.yelp.com or open your Yelp for Business Owner’s mobile app. Select “Billing” and then “Edit” next to your budget to make a change.

To pause your ads campaign and restart at a later date, log in to biz.yelp.com, select “Billing” and then “Edit” and end the campaign.

Repeat the same steps above for any additional paid features. You will not be able to pause these features, however you can sign back up for them at any time.

To cancel your ads campaign or any other products, log in to biz.yelp.com and select “Billing”. Next, click “Edit” next to each product and a “delete” icon will appear. Follow the prompts to cancel*.

On the Yelp for Business mobile app, click Yelp Ads, and then click to open additional options under “Budget”. Select “End Campaign”.

Please note, you will see a final bill processed on the 1st of next month for any advertising or paid products used this month. You can restart advertising at any time through the “Yelp Ads” tab in the Yelp for Business Owner's site or app.

*If you signed an electronic agreement to begin advertising, please call Yelp Customer Success at 888-959-9357 or submit a ticket though your Yelp for Business account and we can assist you in either option.