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The DOs and DON'Ts of Yelp for Business Owners

Your guide to getting more reviews, keeping them, and putting your best foot forward on Yelp.

DO focus on great customer service — that’s the secret to success on Yelp.

  • Yelp exists to show off customer experiences as they are. More smiles mean more great reviews.
  • Yelpers write positive reviews much more often than critical reviews; most reviews are four or five stars.
  • Critical reviews can be an opportunity to build goodwill with your customers. Show your customers you care by listening to them and responding to reviews on Yelp.
  DON’T interfere with the natural flow of reviews. Avoid losing your customers’ trust and finding yourself with a Consumer Alert on your page. Yikes!

DO put your best foot forward in your Yelp profile. (Watch a tutorial video)
  • Claim your page to get a visible checkmark telling users that you engage with the Yelp community.
  • Make sure users can find you: Verify your address, map pin, phone number, and website, and submit any changes.
  • Before you get your first review, your customers will see the “From The Business Owner” section front and center — this is your chance to tell your business’s story in your own words.
  • Submit appropriate categories for your page to ensure it appears more often in relevant search results.
  • Our users are very visual; add beautiful photos to capture their attention.
DO engage with Yelpers. DO tell your customers that you’re on Yelp.
...and remember, the secret to success on Yelp is to focus on your customers.