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Understanding Yelp Reservations Sheets

Sheets are Yelp Reservations way of setting up rules for managing seating times, reservations availability and other front of house rules. The sheet section under the “configure” tab in your Yelp Reservations account. Sheets determine which tables/room will be available for a particular shift. Sheets are required in order for your restaurant to take online reservations. Sheets cannot be created in the Yelp Reservations App, they are configured via the web application.

To learn more about how to configure Yelp Reservations sheets please check out the guides below

We’ve also included a list of helpful sheet definitions for your reference

  • First Seating Time - The start of service.
  • Last Seating Time - End of service.
  • Pacing - The maximum number of guests that can be seated per 15 minute interval.
  • Turn Times - The expected duration of seating by party size.
  • Override Global CC Hold - If you have a credit card hold for all online reservations, this toggle will override your credit card hold policy and can be adjusted in the specific sheet. For example, if you have a different credit card hold cancellation policy for Valentines day.
  • Sheet Notes - This is a customized note for diners to a specific reservation day that the sheet is scheduled on. For example, letting guests know of a special menu for Valentines day.
  • Cutoff Time - The time you would like to stop accepting online reservations in advance of service. “Service” is considered the first seating time.
  • In-House Only - Reservations can only be made by a staff member, “in house” and not available online.
  • Disabled - This will let in house staff know that the table is not being used. It will have a red circle with a slash inside and will give you a “table conflict” notification. Note - This can be overridden. 
  • Online - Available for online booking.