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What are Page Upgrades?

Page Upgrades are paid Yelp products that you as a business owner can use to showcase your business on Yelp. 

Restricting Competitors' Ads
This upgrade allows you to prevent competitor’s ads from being shown on your business page.

Photo/Video Slideshow
The photo/video slideshow upgrade allows you to reorder the photos on videos on your Yelp business page.

Call to Action
You can use the Call to Action feature to link consumers directly to an order form, coupon, or page on your business website.

Business Highlights
You can purchase this upgrade to showcase up to six highlights that make your business unique (e.g., “Family Owned”, “Pet Friendly”, etc.).

Verified License
When a business showcases a Verified License badge on their business page, it means that our team of moderators has checked that business’s trade license and confirmed that it was in good standing as of the date we checked it. The badge will be shown on the business page and in search results.

The Portfolio feature allows you to showcase your business’s specialities to prospective customers through a photo collection of projects. You can also include helpful details like estimated costs and timeline. 

Enhanced Profile
The enhanced profile is a bundle including some of the available page upgrades, such as Call to Action, Restricting Competitors’ Ads, and the Photo Slideshow. It allows you to save money by purchasing upgrades in a bundle.

Page Upgrades come with a fixed fee, so you will be charged the same amount each month.