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What are the different options located under the Dashboard tab in Yelp Guest Manager?

Use the Analytics Dashboard to view different statistics, including the daily summary email, Waitlist statistics, Floor statistics, Waitlist analysis, and guest ratings.

To navigate the Analytics Dashboard

  1. Log in to your Yelp Guest Manager account at restaurants.yelp.com
  2. Open the Dashboard tab
  3. Under the Snapshot tab you’ll have the ability to view statistics such as Parties Seated, Parties Removed, Longest Waitlist and Longest Wait Time for a specific day
  4. You can also view the daily summary email
  5. Under the Waitlist Statistics tab you have the ability to view many different statistics such as Restaurant Volume and Party Sizes Per Day
  6. Under the Floor Statistics tab you can view statistics such as Table Turn Times and Seating Efficiency
  7. Under the Waitlist Analysis you have the ability to select a specific day and view items like Queue Size or Wait Times