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What are the different timers available for tables in Yelp Reservations?

In the Floor view, you can overlay tables with various timers to keep track of your customers. To choose a timer, go to the Floor tab in the sidebar and click or tap Timers in the top right:
  • Hide Timers: removes any timers that are showing
  • Currently Seated Time: shows the amount of time (in green) that a party has been seated at the table
  • Time Remaining: shows a countdown (in orange) of the time remaining for the seated party based on the turn times you set when you create a sheet. If the table has been seated longer than the expected turn time, it will display the time gone over with a negative sign
  • Next Reservation: shows a countdown (in red) of the time remaining until the next reservation is supposed to be seated at the table
  • Upcoming 2 Reservation Times (web) or Next Reservation Time (iPad): displays the time (in blue) that the next reservation is supposed to arrive