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What are the guidelines for "From the Business" information?

The "From the Business" section is a chance for business owners who have claimed their page to include additional information about the business rather than just the standard contact information. Please read the guidelines below before submitting "From the Business" information.

General Guidelines

These guidelines apply to all of the fields in the “From the Business Section” and emphasize what to avoid. If any of your submissions contain any of the following, they will be rejected. You can also review our more general Business Owner Guidelines (scroll to the bottom). 


Lists of keywords
Providing a list of excessive or repetitive keywords for your business (e.g. "carpet cleaning, carpet shampooing, rug cleaning").
Excessive or unusual formatting
Using excessive punctuation, capital letters or other special characters (e.g. "Come visit us!!!!!!", "CHECK US OUT!", "*** BEST burgers in town ***").
Irrelevant information
Providing contact information that is included elsewhere in your page (such as phone, website, social media handle or email).
Inclusion of special offers or discount promotions
Special offers can be expressed through Yelp Deals, Check-In Offers, Calls to Action etc., and are not permitted in the From the Business section. That said, the mention of regular pricing at the business is okay, as is the mention of an existing Yelp deal.
Solicitation of reviews
Attempting to solicit reviews (e.g. "Write a 5-star review and receive $10 off your next purchase!").

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This is where you can get specific about what your business does best. For example, the top menu item at a restaurant, the specific make of auto that your repair shop is suited for, or a doctor’s area of expertise. Character limit: 1500.

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Here you can tell the story of the business - who founded it, where it was started, why, etc. There’s also a specific field in this section for you to enter the year the business was established. Character limit: 1000.

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Meet the Owner/Manager

Give a brief biography of the owner(s). This could include where they're from, how they got into business, etc. The owner does not necessarily need to line up with the name of the account user in Yelp for Business. Character limit: 1000.

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