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What are the guidelines for adding a business to Yelp?

We try to list every service or business for which there is some kind of local experience or interaction. We also try to list local attractions and personalities (you'll sometimes find the occasional gag business page on Yelp, too).
  • Eligibility: We're less interested in showing online-only, business-to-business (b2b), and direct-seller businesses, but there are some gray areas where we need to make a tough call about whether a business belongs on Yelp or not. If a business page you add is not eligible to be listed on Yelp, it will not be part of our directory. This means that the business page will not appear in search results, but may be accessible via bookmarks or user profiles if that user has written a review.
  • Individual vs. Practice: Generally speaking, we try to maintain separate pages for individual service providers whose work tends to be evaluated separately from their shared practice group. For example, separate pages for each doctor in a practice. At the same time, we try to maintain a page for the practice group itself. Some users find their experience with the individual inextricable from the group, and will post their review to the latter. Not every situation is the same, so submit a report if you think we need to merge two pages or create a new one.
  • Opening Soon: We recommend adding a business to Yelp only after it has officially opened for business or up to one month before. Our moderators need to verify the information, so if it’s too far in advance and they can’t confirm, the addition will be rejected.
  • Multiple Locations: Business pages on Yelp are for individual/separate locations of any given business. If you think a business page has the wrong address, please search in the area and make sure that the location you are looking for is not already in our directory. If you have questions concerning closures, moves, renovations, etc., read our guidelines for substantial business changes.
  • Country: You can't add a business to Yelp if the address is in a country that we don't support, but you can find a list of the countries we do support. Stay tuned as we expand into new countries, but for now, we can't support businesses in countries that we haven't formally launched in.

If you’re certain a business is eligible and is not already in our directory, please read our instructions for adding a business to Yelp.