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What are the guidelines for redeeming a Yelp Deal?

Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind when redeeming a Yelp Deal or Gift Certificate that you've purchased, although there may be certain exceptions/restrictions on the specific voucher:
  • You can only use a Yelp Deal or Gift Certificate at the specific location listed on the voucher itself.
  • Your Yelp Deal or Gift Certificate is valid for a year after purchase, as soon as you receive the redemption code via email – past that, the amount you paid is still redeemable but not the promotional amount. 
  • You aren't necessarily able to be redeem a Yelp Deal or Gift Certificate online – check with the business for details.
  • You can't use a Yelp Deal or Gift Certificate toward other purchases on Yelp (such as food delivery or booking an appointment).
  • You aren't required to use the entire promotional value of a voucher in a single purchase, but unused promotional credit (the difference between the amount you paid and the promotional value of the Deal) will not be retained on the voucher.
If you’re having any difficulties with a deal you purchased, please contact our Support team with any questions!