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What are the various note fields for Yelp Reservations and who can see them?

There are a number of places to include notes to help keep track of things and notify guests as-needed. Some are public to guests and others are just for your business's reference. Here's a breakdown:
  • Reservation confirmation notes: these are general notes sent to guests in the reservation confirmation and reminder emails (if you choose to turn them on). They will have the header "Message from [Business Name]," and are good for general notes like, "Please arrive 10 minutes early."
  • Sheet notes: these are notes for a specific sheet, and are also sent to guests in the reservation confirmation and reminder emails (if you choose to turn sheet notes on in the Advanced Sheet Settings). They will have the header "Please note," and are good for shift-specific notes like, "Lunch specials are available, your server can provide more info."
  • Reservation notes on a specific reservation: these are notes you can leave for a specific reservation when you create it or edit it. These are not displayed to guests and are instead for the business's reference. For example, "Anniversary dinner, remember to congratulate!"
  • Pre-Booking notes: these notes can be turned on in the reservations when you activate online reservations. They're publicly displayed to prospective guests on the widget and on the booking site, and are good for reminders like, "Patio Seating is available!"
  • Shift notes: these are notes for your staff that can be added to any shift from the “Shift Notes” button on the Floor, Book, or Grid tabs. When there are notes for a shift, the button is highlighted in red and staff can check them by clicking or tapping it.
It's also worth noting that a similar feature, guest tags and reservations tags, are not shown to guests – tags are private (for the business's reference).