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What does Yelp do when a local business becomes the focus of widespread media attention?

Local businesses sometimes become newsworthy, often about something controversial. When this happens, many people come to Yelp to share their views about the news rather than any personal consumer experience with the business at issue.
In order to showcase those reviews that reflect actual first-hand consumer experiences, when a business gets unusual attention in the news we typically block users from posting content to the business for a period of time and place an alert on the business’s Yelp page to let Yelpers know what is happening. During this time, users are free to express their thoughts about the news through Yelp Talk, an open discussion forum.  After we lift the block on a business’s page, we may continue to remove reviews and other content that appear to be motivated by the news coverage itself rather than first-hand customer experiences (even if it means removing points of view with which we might agree).  
Please note that we apply this same policy regardless of the business and regardless of the topic at issue in order to avoid injecting our own varied viewpoints into the debate.