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What does it mean to follow a business?

Please note that following businesses is currently only available on iOS.

If you choose to follow a business, you’ll see the latest posts from this business on your Yelp home page and you’ll receive a weekly personalized digest email with news from the business. Business news can include information about new items on the business’ menu, special offers, or any other news the business wants to share with their followers.

This feature is part of Yelp Connect. Businesses pay Yelp to use Yelp Connect, so you will only be able to follow businesses that are currently enrolled with Yelp Connect.

For businesses interested in the Yelp Connect program, please give the support team a call at 1-877-571-YELP.

To follow a business on an iPhone

  1. Find the business page
  2. Next to Add Photo and Check In, tap Follow
You can also follow a business by bookmarking, making a reservation or joining the waitlist of a business that has enabled this feature.

To unfollow a business

You can unfollow a business by clicking Unfollow next to “Not interested in this business?” in the weekly digest email you receive.

You can also unfollow a business by going to the business page, and tapping the blue Following button at the top of the page.