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What does the "Where you're reaching" map show?

Consumers on Yelp see ads when they perform searches, view business pages, and take other actions to look for local business. The map shows you the locations consumers were exploring when Yelp delivered your ad. Each location displayed in the map reflects either the location a user was searching when Yelp showed your ad, or the location of a business a user was checking out when Yelp delivered your ad. Please note the map does not currently display locations relating to quote or appointment requests.

The map is a free feature for Yelp advertisers. We will automatically show this map as soon as we have delivered enough ads for you. The heatmap does not currently display locations relating to quote or appointment requests.

How the map works

For example, say that you operate a moving business in the Greater Los Angeles Area. If you see a hotspot in your map around Santa Monica and another one in Pasadena, that means that your ads appear most often when people are exploring other movers in these cities.

Business insights

With this information, you could make sure that your business meets the local demand. In our moving company example, maybe the business could shore up its fleet of moving trucks to reach the demand in Santa Monica and Pasadena. Or, the company could run a marketing campaign aimed at residents. Conversely, if the business finds that searches are relatively low in Long Beach, it might reallocate some of the resources away from this part of its Service Area

Or, let’s say that you run a sushi restaurant in Chicago, Illinois and you compete with another restaurant 10 miles away. If, looking at your map, you notice that your ads aren’t reaching users 10 miles away, you might want to expand your targeted location. That way, you’re more likely to appear in people’s searches in that area and take some of the market share away from your competitor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the colors signify? 
The dark orange zones correspond with the most common locations that customers are exploring when Yelp delivers your ad. The bright green areas represent locations that are less common. The light orange signifies spots that fall in the middle: less common than the dark orange zones and more common than the bright green ones. 

Do the hotspots in the map represent where people live? 
No. The hotspots refer to the most popular locations users are exploring on Yelp when we show them your ads, though not necessarily where people live. People tend to research businesses near their homes, but not always. They could be interested in checking out another part of town or trying to plan a vacation, for instance. 

Does the map show me data about my customers? 
In the map, you’ll see hotspots based on the locations where Yelp users were looking for businesses when we showed them your ad. These people could be potential customers since they are looking for businesses like yours.

What is the time frame pertaining to the data in the map? 
For most businesses, the map will show data from the last 14 days. You can see the precise date range in the top right corner of your map. If the dates display fewer than 14 days, that means that we have enough information already to show your map. Once you hit 14 days of advertising, the map will consistently show your data from the previous 2 weeks. 

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